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About Body4u Personal Training Club

Body4u is Brisbane baysides premier personal training club and has a personalised approach to training that helps its members to improve their health and well being to enhance their lives.


Our 30-45 minute intensive training sessions are designed to complement the extremely busy and time poor lifestyles of our clients, whilst also providing them with a relaxed and friendly environment to work-out.

At body4u, we understand that everyone who walks through our door has different goals and faces unique challenges. We also know that everyone is different and what ‘works’ for one person does not necessarily for another.

body4u’s Purpose

The body4u purpose is to provide premium quality Personal Training and Group Classes, unrivalled customer ethics and integrity, superior service and ultimate professionalism. 

Our purpose is to provide an boutique, personal, motivating, non intimidating, friendly and professional environment in which our clients can achieve their life health and fitness goals in an enjoyable, safe and time efficient manner resulting in better health, enhanced self confidence and quality of life.



Linda Atkinson


M: 0416 259 879

E: info@body4u.com.au


Linda has been training clients for approximately 6 years, she enjoys a challenge and loves to keep herself and her clients motivated.

She maintains her fitness and keeps active by running, playing hockey, yoga & pilates, HIIT, weights and circuit training.

Her motto: “We don’t stop exercising because we get old..... We get old because we stop exercising”.

Linda believes that exercise should form part of our everyday, that we need to find that something that we love and can continue to do for the rest of our lives.

Linda is committed to help make a difference in people’s lives.

She also enjoys a glass of bubbles or two with friends :) 

Laurie Cavallaro


M: 0414 797 409

E: runcoach3@yahoo.com

Laurie is an Accredited Level 4 Middle Distance/Distance run coach and Registered Cert 4 Personal Trainer, with over 18years run coaching experience and 7 years Personal Training.

He has coached State and National level Middle Distance runners in the 400, 800, 1500 metres track events as well as 3000metres, 5k, 10k and marathon.

Whether you’re training for health and fitness or aiming for that special event, Laurie can get you there with Personal Training, run coaching or even an online program to supplement your training.

Laurie finds gratification in coaching and training all levels of runners and people looking to improve their fitness and health, through regular exercise and achievable and smart training programs.

Jodie Scott


M: 0431 118 121

E: jodiescott886@gmail.com


Jodie has been training clients for approximately 18months, after graduating from Human Performance Centre in 2017.


She loves working with her clients, sharing her knowledge and advice, it is exciting for Jodie to help people lead a long and healthy life! 

 Jodie gets her kicks from seeing people accomplish what they think they can’t.

She is driven to help her clients reach success in their health and fitness goals and beyond!


With targeted Personal Training, fun Group Training and individualised monitoring of progress, Jodie really believes that any goal is within reach……


…..and she really loves the outdoors, her family and a coffee or two!


Terri Cuthbert-Freese

M: 0417878785

E: runtlc@iinet.net.au


Terri is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience. She has trained clients ranging from 16 to 80 years of age. She has worked closely with allied health professional in providing rehabilitation, strength based training, high intensity training and weight loss programs. She is passionate about ensuring you accomplish your desired training and nutrition goals.


As a wife and mother of two daughters, she understands the demands of life placed upon us all and the growing need to ensure we maintain a healthy work/life balance. As such, she believes exercise is a fundamental part of contributing to your health and wellbeing. She has had the pleasure of training/mentoring numerous clients to achieve this balance, and resultant changes have been “life changing”.


Terri is a highly driven and goal-oriented person, and as such fosters these qualities within her training sessions. She will walk with you to achieve your goals.


Terri walks the walk, not talks the talk.

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Wake up and Workout.


Class Prices $15 per Class.

Packs can be purchased 10 sessions for $130

Call 07 3488 2455 to find out more!

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Click here to download timetable



A 45 minute class, designed to get you sweaty and training hard! You work at a high intensity, and have short recovery time, but with the fun of boxing thrown in! It combines authentic boxing technique on Pads with associated exercises to Burn Fat, Improve Stamina and Get Stronger! Classes combine boxing skills, cardio fitness, flexibility and body strength for all fitness levels, female or male. The main aim is to Get Fit while having fun. Don't miss out on this one, you never know what you will get!


Outdoor Bootcamp / Group Fitness:
This 45 minute, outdoor class incorporates boxing, cardio and strength in a fun environment. While this class is designed to challenge, it caters for all fitness levels as participants work to their own level.

Bootcamp classes are great for fitness and overall toning.


Run Club - Training & Coaching:

A one hour coached training session, under the supervision and instruction of an Accredited Run Coach. Learn to run with good technique, develop an efficient stride with good biomechanics, develop running strength and reduce the risk of injury and develop cardiovascular fitness and a strong, balanced, controlled stride. Every third Tuesday is CIRCUIT and CORE TRAINING day with minimal running.


Spin / Cycle:

​45 minute, stationary cycle class with motivating music. It is a high intensity workout that incorporates intervals of work and recovery for a great cardiovascular workout. Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills. Participants can expect to leave sweaty and with heavy legs.



30 minute HIIT class that gets big results. The session incorporate a series of body-weight exercises and combines resistance and weighted compound exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency, it works multiple muscle groups and it is challenging. Exercises can be modified for any fitness level.


​Weight Machine Circuit:

Weight machine circuit training provides a way to improve your muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. A circuit is a series of exercises you perform with little rest in between. We add resistance exercises in your circuit to help strengthen your muscles. By keeping your heart rate up, you improve your aerobic fitness and burning more calories than standard resistance training.