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It is with our pleasure that body4u welcomes Nigel Perry as our latest addition to the elite body4u Personal Training Team .Nigel joins body4u with a great array of expertise and has extensive experience training children through to the elderly.Nigel complements the body4u brand with a sporting background and a great personality and caring quality for his clients.

Albeit, a warning for die hards.... Nigel has spent much time abroad including a stint in Malibu USA conducting hardcore original bootcamps, so do your best to take him on!

Did you know?

1.You don’t have to continue Personal training to remain a member at body4u!

As a loyal Personal Training member you are able to upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time without incurring a fee, or you may switch to one of our loyalty gym memberships which start from just $20 per week. This is especially beneficial if you would like a break or rest from your Personal Training for a while but want to maintain your fitness and gym habits. You may resume your Personal Training membership at any time or you can simply stay on your loyalty gym membership indefinitely. Loyalty memberships are exclusively available to Personal Training members after a minimum 3 month initial term.

2.body4u now has more than 20 Group Exercise classes per week. From 5.30 am through to 8.00 pm daily we have a mix of spin classes, Fit Key, bootcamps, circuits pilates, stretch and more. We’d love to see you there so if you havn’t tried our classes, we’re offering our newsletter subscribers an unlimited FREE WEEK to trial any or all of our Group Classes. Just call body4u reception on 3488 2455 and receive your FREE WEEK CLASS PASS.

You can visit our updated class timetable at

3.We love and appreciate your client referrals to help us grow our business and we reward you with a thank you and a $15 Gift body4u voucher for every client you refer to body4u.

Personal Training Club

Raby Bay Harbour
Level 1-152 Shore St.
Cleveland Queensland
Australia 4163
Tel: 07 3488 2455
Fax: 07 3488 2466



DNA - Body Fat Metaboliser

Now you can reach your health and fitness goals more efficiently by understanding your body on a new level.

Body4u now offers as a standard membership inclusion the GeneElite Body Fat Metabolism Test – a great new way to understand your body and tune your individual work out plan to maximize your fat burning. The Gene Elite testing is convenient, non invasive and quick.

Within two weeks you are sent a professionally presented, detailed report of your own individualised DNA genetic makeup, letting you and your Trainer know how your body most efficiently metabolises fat.

Also available is the GeneElite PRO. A more comprehensive report which details the prescribed methods to improve your health, training and recovery performance based on your individual genetics.

To take your fitness plan into the future email or click here

8 Week Challenge

The body4u 8 week challenge took place between 4th May and 28th June, and we have four fantastic winners and runner-ups!

This challenge included Personal Training and group classes with the body4u team, and as you can see has lead to remarkable results!

Meet our two winners Jess Kempt and Jay Walters who not only have fabulous new bodies, but also won new hairstyles from Hair Do We Do.

Jess lost a whopping 8.1 kg and 5.2% body fat! Jay, our other winner, lost 10.5 kg over the eight week challenge, not to mention a loss of 7.6% body fat!

Our runner-ups, Jude Riches and Andy Minton, also did an amazing job toning-up over the past eight weeks.

Andy lost 10% of his body weight and 4.8% of body fat! While Jude changed her body by losing 8.3 kg and 2.5% body fat.

If you would like to see incredible results like these in just two short months contact body4u to find out the best plan for you! Email to create a plan for the new you!

Click here to see the results.


Looking for a great way to re-energize mid way through the day? Then the body4u off-peak option is just for you! Exercise offers you many benefits, including adding an extra bounce to your step midday.

Off-peak Personal Training at body4u lets you save money while losing weight, what more could you ask for?

Between 11am and 3pm body4u offers discounted rates for 1 on 1 or small group Personal Training sessions. This option is perfect for Mums wanting to include exercise into their daily routine while kids are at school or anyone wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and tone-up during the day!

1 on 1 Personal Training = $40 ea (30 mins)
2 on 1 Personal Training = $40 ea (60 mins)
3 on 1 Personal Training = $30 ea (60 mins)
4 on 1 Personal Training = $25 ea (60 mins)

Email if you have any questions on how to tone your body during your lunch break.

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