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New Year…
New You!

Are you sick of watching the kids play from the sidelines? Does running around with a soccer ball feel like a distant memory? Want to feel comfortable in a swimming costume at a lazy Sunday BBQ with friends?

With 2008 rapidly come to a
close, it’s the time of year when we all indulge in some soul searching to take stock and figure out what we really want to change about ourselves in the coming year.

Losing weight, becoming healthier and looking better are often at the top of the New Years resolution list. But by February, most people find that life has got in the way and that the old habits they vowed to get rid of, have somehow crept back.

So this time, body4u are
going to make sure that 2009 is the year you actually make it happen.

Through our New Year, New
You promotion, body4u will be choosing one lucky male and female body4u member to undergo 8 weeks of intensive training, uncompromised clean eating, nutrition advice and moral support to make their New Years resolution of a healthier, fitter and sexier body a reality.

We’re not saying it will be easy – but we are saying that this is your best shot to make it happen.

For more information, or to
register your interest, visit the body4u reception to pick up an entry form.

Alternatively give us a call on 07 3488 2455 and we will send you out an entry form.





















Workplace Wellness

The holiday season is well and truly here and many of us will be burning the candle at both ends for the next month.

This can mean that days at the office take even more out of you than usual – so now is the time to make sure you are taking care of yourself at work.

Leaning over the computer all day
long can affect your health and mood remarkably.

That’s why Angela Houseman recommends you to take a few minutes out of your work day or lunch break to do some ergonomic exercises. Not only will you start getting rid of your body stiffness and feel more flexible, but you will find yourself instantly energized which is priceless during the lead up to Christmas.
These easy but effective relaxation and stretching exercises can be done
without even leaving your desk…

1. Whilst sitting upright, take three controlled breaths. Now, slowly fill your lungs whilst expanding your rib cage, hold, then gently exhale and at the same time pull your stomach muscles in toward your belly button.Repeat five to ten times.

2. Still maintaining a good posture, roll your shoulders in a forward direction,
completing a full circle. Repeat ten times before doing the same but in a backward direction.

3. Following this, release tension by dropping your chin slowly forward and gently rolling your head to your right shoulder, back, left shoulder and front.
Now do the same in the opposite direction.

4. Sitting in your chair, stretch your arms up over your head and let them then
rotate back, down and forward again, replicating a swimmer’s backstroke. Repeat five times to ten times.

5. Stand, and whilst inhaling, stretch your hands over your head. Slowly curl
down to touch your toes, exhaling as you go and bending your knees if you
need (it’s not cheating!). Repeat five to ten times.

6. Sit on the edge of your chair and lean forward, resting your chest on your
knees with your hands with your head hanging loosely. Slowly unroll from your lower back up, vertebra by vertebra, until you’re sitting up nice and straight. This is an excellent exercise for unknotting your back.

7. Sit down again. Close your eyes, relax into your seat. Your arms should be
in a comfortable position in your lap or on the arms of your seat. Starting at
your toes, wiggle them to focus your mind on them. Now relax them and
imagine them disappearing. Continue and work your way up to your
ankles, onto your calves, moving slowly up your legs through your torso,
down one arm and up the other, all parts of your body disappearing, finally
your neck, facial muscles and the top of your head. This is extremely
relaxing and after a little practice and visualisation you will feel as though
you have had a power nap!

8. Once you have completed your routine, take some more deep breaths as
per step 1. This time, on your last deep breath, smile and say something
that affirms your well-being.

Remember that the above routine takes only a few minutes, but done
frequently could ultimately add years to your life.

MEMBERS ONLY - Latest club news

Richard, Mel, Logan, Ang, Amanda and John at the body4u Christmas drinks.

• We know that there are many of you who will use the holiday break to get
some extra training in. Our Christmas hours are:

MEMBERS ONLY - Latest club news

• Book in at reception for PT sessions during these times and remember that
if your trainer is away you are able to book in with any of the trainers that
are available.

• All classes will finish up on Tuesday 23rd and re-commence on Monday 5th

• Club hours will re-commence as normal from Saturday 3rd January.

• It is also not too late to put a “Time Stop” on your membership if you are
going to be away for longer than 2 weeks - a one off $10 fee applies. If you
are away for shorter time just let us know and you will not lose your PT


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