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All NEW body4u
Gift Vouchers!

What could express your love
and affection for someone
better than the gift of health
and happiness?

The $299 body4u Christmas
gift voucher is the perfect
way to introduce a friend or
family member into the
body4u lifestyle that you love.

And with a value of over $396
it’s a great deal as well.

The voucher entitles the
holder to:

• 6 x Personal Training Sessions
• 6 week Platinum Club   Membership (includes unlimited   access to all classes)
• body4u T shirt or singlet

For more information come
and visit us at reception, call
us on 073488 2455 or email

Calling all
Wonder Women

If you feel like Wonder
Woman juggling work, family and running a household - you are not alone!

February 2009 will see the launch of a brand new
body4u program - Wonder Women - designed specifically to help “do it all, have it all” women with their health, fitness and well-being.

The program focuses on
improving fitness and
education on how to get the most out of your lifestyle.

Keep your eyes out for
further information which will be coming soon. If you just can’t wait, email us at to
express your interest or to
request further information.



body4u 6-week challenge:
UPDATE from Angela Houseman

The body4u 6-week challenge finishes on Friday 14th November. The program entailed six weeks of following a very ‘clean’ eating plan, combined with a strict training regime. Minimum requirements are given and each individual is responsible for constructing their own training plan to suit their lifestyle. Oh, and most importantly: NO ALCOHOL!

Each participant has their own reasons for entering the challenge, be it weight loss, improved fitness or just to kick start a healthy lifestyle.

So far, the enthusiasm and dedication has been outstanding and if our previous challenge is anything to go by, the results will be exceptional. It is extremely rewarding as a trainer to see the effort and results of our clients during this fantastic challenge.

Final weigh-ins will be completed and results will follow soon after – so watch this space!

Training tip

To eat breakfast before training or
not…this is the question! There are
numerous opinions on this topic from both
sides of the fence…which is not surprising
considering that there is absolutely no
right or wrong answer.

The basic premise behind exercising
before breakfast is that after fasting for
6-8 hours, the body is depleted of
carbohydrates and will use stored fat as its primary energy source.

So what’s the catch?

Breakfast kick starts our metabolism. So if you are going to replace breakfast
with exercise, you need to get going no more than 30 minutes after getting
out of bed. Any later than this and it is no different than not having breakfast
until later in the morning.

Another consideration is the type of exercise you undertake. Many people
may not have the energy to do a high intensity workout without breakfast. The
science behind this is that fat is not as efficient an energy source as the
glycogen from carbohydrates. So while you may want to miss breakfast if
you are doing a moderate intensity walk/run, most people are probably better
off to have a small meal before an early morning personal training session.

Lastly, it is important to eat a healthy and full breakfast very soon after
completing your carb-depleted, or fasted session. If you wait longer than half
an hour, you will risk losing muscle mass and will fail to provide your body with
the much needed nutritional support that encourages growth and recovery.

MEMBERS ONLY - Latest club news

• Holiday training: We have trainers available throughout the Christmas and
New Year period. So if you want to kick start your New Year training you are
able to book your PT session with any of the trainers. So if your trainer is
away – there are no excuses!

• Keep your eyes peeled for the club’s holiday open hours – they will be
posted in the club in the coming weeks.

• Membership “Time Stops” are available to all members who are going to be
away for longer than two weeks. A one off $10 fee applies. If you are going
to be away for less than two weeks, simply advise a member of the body4u
staff and you won’t lose your personal training sessions.


Need to put your membership on “Time Stop”?
Call 07 3488 2455 now.

• And last but definitely not least, the team at body4u would love to see you,
your friends and family for Christmas drinks! Please join us for a casual
drink and a chat away from the gym environment. Look forward to seeing
you there!


body4u Christmas Drinks
Date:       Saturday 29th November
Time:       7pm
Location: Grand View Hotel, Heritage Precinct
                North Street, Cleveland Point


Raby Bay Harbour
Level 1-152 Shore St.
Cleveland Queensland
Australia 4163
Tel: 07 3488 2455
Fax: 07 3488 2466



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