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During our monthly trainer meetings, we are always talking about the great achievements and changes our clients at body4u have made for the better and we want to share it with the world!! Well, in our monthly motivator that is. So, to help motivate you even more or inspire you from reading what other clients have achieved, the trainers will discuss which client we believe should be recognised for making a breakthrough or achievement (large or small) with regard to their fitness training, it could even be something as simple as participating in a new type of class or using a piece of equipment they haven’t tried before. This will commence next month so keep up the awesome work and look out for the nominee in our next edition
(it could be you)!






















































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body4u Monthly Motivator

Welcome back everyone, February already! The team at body4u hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday and are raring to go for the New Year!! The body4u Monthly Motivator will now be emailed to you each month with some exciting new topics helping you keep motivated and up to date with Fit Tips, Nutrition tips and Heart Healthy Recipes, Muscle of the Month, events that are coming up and also our exciting new addition of MEMBER OF THE MONTH!!


Monthly Fit Tip

The new Monthly Fit Tip will cover different aspects from challenging you to try a different piece of equipment in the gym, covering a latest fitness topic, etc.

This Monthís Fit tip is focusing on your New Yearís Fitness Goals. When you have your three monthly weigh in, you and your trainer reassess your fitness goals. If you have new goals or arenít quite sure what they are please speak to your trainer to discuss taking ten minutes to sit down and write some NEW EXCITING goals to get you back on track!

Setting realistic goals covering all aspects of your life is very important whether its business goals, setting a goal to take a holiday sometime in the year, renovations on the house or your Health and Fitness goals. Goals help influence you and make you more prone to work through those days your lacking motivation or they encourage you to work harder! You must also believe in the goals you set and the significance of them, if you donít believe, you will end up lacking commitment and motivation to achieve them. So make sure you set your fitness goals! We recommend you set a Monthly/ 3 monthly/6 and 12 month goal - Very important!

Nutrition Tips

We all love our food..... But! What we put into our mouths is just as vital as our Fitness regime or perhaps more important! We believe the mix to achieve your fitness goals, whether itís to lose body fat or to maintain a healthy weight range, 80% is NUTRITION and 20% is EXERCISE. So every month we are going to give you a variety of Nutrition tips, for example, Food Intolerances, post exercise recovery food etc.

We’ll start this year with some Nutritional tips to help keep your kids healthy
along with some ideas for their lunch box. We understand how busy life can
be with work and kids so the main thing to remember is if you lead the way
with regular exercise and a healthy eating routine, your children are more
likely to follow.

Did you know that 75% of Australian adults are either overweight or obese and that childhood obesity has tripled in the last 20 years! By encouraging our children whilst their young to eat healthy and exercise regularly, we can stop this scary epidemic. There are many simple ways we can start encouraging healthy eating habits for our children. Hereís just a few, eating fruit after dinner (instead of ice cream and sprinkles, try frozen yogurt with fresh fruit or fruit salad). Get kids involved in cooking dinner or preparing their lunches with you, this way they will be more inclined to eat it even itís full of greens! (Children need at least a cup of greens a day). Last but not least, children also need to drink 1.5 Ė2 litres of water a day just like us! So make sure they keep their fluids up with plenty of water throughout the day. If they regularly drink flavoured water (cordial) or soft drink, this will become a habit or even a sugar addiction, so start to reduce these types of drinks gradually and replace with water.

Here are some lunch box ideas to help our little fellas get the most out of their day and to break up the sandwich routine:

High-fibre Chicken and Salad Wraps
Cold Chicken Drumsticks and Salad
Baked beans and dry Biscuits Eg. Jatz, Vita Wheat, etc.

Add some chopped up cucumber, carrots, fresh fruit and hard boiled eggs for protein. Itís very important to give foods high in carbohydrates and low in sugar, this will help sustain concentration and energy levels and leave them feeling fuller longer.

Look out for our Heart Healthy Recipe next month.

Muscle of the month

It is great to know a little bit about muscles you’re “activating” whilst training with or without your trainer. There is always a purpose behind the exercises we structure for you whilst taking you through a Strength Training session or a class like Bootcamp, Cycle or Pilates. These vary to cater to your Health and Fitness goals ranging from increasing muscle mass, rehabilitation and flexibility or to increase overall strength, fitness, etc.

This monthís topic is the Deltoid or you might know it simply as the ...SHOULDER. Why should we keep our shoulders strong? Well aside from looking great, your shoulders are involved in just about everything you do, so exercising them will make daily functioning that much easier. The Deltoid muscles fibres are divided into: the anterior (front), the lateral (middle), and the posterior (rear). Although Deltoid is one muscle, it is possible to target specific areas with different exercises. The front of the deltoid is responsible for flexing and rotating the arm inward. The side deltoid's function is to move the arm away from the body (abduction). The rear deltoid extends the arm and rotates the arm outward. Strength Training is one of the best ways to help strengthen your shoulder, but remember the shoulder muscle is fairly small, so you may not be able to use as much weight as you can for your Chest or Back. Boxing is also another great exercise to keep shoulders strong. Try one of our Boxing classes like Box/Circuit, Bootcamp or even one on one boxing with your body4u Boxing Certified trainers.

Classes and Passes

Research shows that training with a friend can increase your chances of training regularly by up to 30%! Youíre very welcome to bring a friend along to try out our classes or cardio machines, pick up a FREE class pass at reception today and increase your will power by encouraging others to join in the fun and improve their quality of life!! Or classes are only $14 a session or $120 for a ten pack and you donít have to be a member.

Talk to us......we would love to hear from you!!

If you have any feedback on the content of this newsletter, have something
you would like to see included in a future issue or any questions or just
have something cool to tell us – We would love to hear from you! Either
send an email to or give us a call on 07 3488 2455.
Otherwise, come in to reception and have a chat with a friendly member of
the body4u team!

Bali Retreat

Our first body4u Bali Wellness Retreat will be held from the 18th April for 6 days. This is a fantastic opportunity to escape to a wonderful retreat. The exercise during this retreat is of a moderate level combined with relaxation and wellness. Non-members are more than welcome. Registration closes 28th February and spots are limited.

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body4u 8 week Challenge

The next 8 week challenge will begin 3rd May of this year and we are looking forward to seeing the amazing results once again. Non-members most welcome. Click here to see the fantastic results achieved in body4u’s previous 8 week challenges.

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