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body4u Open Day!

What better way to get a feel for the club than to come in and experience it for yourself – for FREE! For those of you who are already members, the open day offers a perfect chance for you to bring in any friends or loved ones who you think might benefit from incorporating body4u into their lives.

• Day: Sunday 22nd February
• Time: 11am – 3pm

Every new member who signs up on the day will receive their first personal training and consultation session FREE – valued at $95. For more information, please email

Have you tried…our 7.30am Sunday morning class?

Alternates weekly with Abs, Butts and Thighs by Maria one week and Power Yoga with Hayley the next.

Our regulars rave at the quality of these two classes, so do yourselves a favour and get down to the Club and try them out. Great way to start the day with exercise on a Sunday morning!

Healthy Tips

1. Be a mover and shaker
Challenge yourself every day to find ways to move and shake your body more. Use stairs instead of elevators, walk your dog, chase your kids and shake it on the dance floor.

2.Reduce fat in your diet
Avoid the obvious! Fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats like pork, bacon, ham, salami and sausages. Buy low fat versions of dairy products and limit the amount of sandwich meats, mayonnaise, margarine, butter and sauces eaten.

3. Reduce stress
Experts recommend that 30 minutes per day doing something you like and enjoy. Taking time to read a book, go for a walk, visit friends or playing with your dog will all help you to reduce your stress levels.

4. Avoid Excessive Drinking
The festive season is over. It does not go all year-round so therefore cannot be your excuse for excessive drinking. Protect your liver and kidney from cancers and disease by avoiding excessive drinking.

5. Drink plenty of water
Live longer, look younger and enjoy the benefits to your body that 8 glasses of water a day brings.




Personal Training Club

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Tel: 07 3488 2455
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It’s a New body4u for 2009

I am not sure whether you have noticed or not, but a lot has been happening lately at body4u including lots of new and very exciting promotions and developments!

Greg Fox and Annette Anderson have been announced as the winners of the New Year, New You competition, and have started their journey to greater fitness and health with 8 weeks of intensive training and healthy, lean eating.

Annette and Greg are currently writing blogs on their journey so log onto and click onto the blog area to read what they have to say. I’m also giving insight into their journey with a blog of my own.

We also have another blogger talking about her fitness journey at body4u. This is an interesting read and can be checked out on the blog page of the website.

If you are on social network become a fan of body4u. If you’re not yet a Facebooker - then why not start now. It’s quite simple and is a good way to keep in touch with what is going on at the gym as well as with many of your fellow members and friends.

Due to popular demand, we have increased our 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge to an 8 Week Challenge. Our next challenge will be commencing soon after Easter so stay tuned for exact dates to be published at the club soon. We have also made a few changes that will keep you even more motivated and push you to achieve greater results than ever.

Why not get in early with your friends and introduce them to body4u, so they too can benefit from the 8 Week Challenge. We’d genuinely appreciate your referral - plus training with a friend is a great way to keep motivation levels up and to keep things fun.

It’s going to be a very exciting year ahead and what better way to get the economy out of your mind than to get fit and healthy!

We welcome your feedback on the personalised gym experience that we provide (you can do this via our website which is a great convenient forum) and  we look forward to seeing you again soon, working out and having a good time.

Ciao for now, Angela.

New Year New You…Winners Announced!!

When we asked if you wanted to make 2009 the year to transform your lifestyle and your body – the response was an overwhelming yes! We received a huge number of entries making the final decision about who would be the male and female New Year, New You participants very tough.

There were two people who stood out from the rest. 36 year old, mother of two Annette Anderson was chosen as the female New Year, New You participant. Annette has been struggling with the weight she put on during her second pregnancy and wants to make 2009 the year she runs around with the kids again, instead of watching them play with Dad.

Father of four Greg Fox, 48, who has gained nearly 20kgs since his recent divorce, was chosen as the male New Year, New You competitor. After completing 8 weeks of strict eating, hard training and guidance from Angela, Greg hopes he will no longer be describing himself as ‘excessively cuddly’.

Not only is New Year, New You going to change Greg and Annette’s lives, but it is also designed to inspire the rest of you to push your selves that little bit harder – and to reap the results! If they can do it, there is no reason why you can’t too!

Keep up to date with Greg and Annette’s progress by joining the
New Year New You Facebook group or by checking out their blogs.

Members Only – Latest Club News

• The class timetable has been updated as we have had 2 new group classes which have been introduced due to popular demand:

  • 6.00pm Monday spin cycle class (as well as the 7.00pm currently) and
  • 6.00pm Wednesday Circuit / Bootcamp combo class

• January 2009 has seen two of our fabulous trainers come on board at the Club full time. Congratulations to Richard Murphy and Mel Kawitzki. If the opportunity arises, don’t be afraid to book in for a PT session with them. Richard and Mel share the body4u values and purpose, and complement our fantastic training team with their own individual experiences. And of course they will be just as kind to you as the rest of our training team always are!!

• In case you haven’t noticed, our lovely and normally thin Tegan has a baby bump growing. So don’t be concerned if the odd moment of forgetfulness arises, or even if your car keys and wallets are returned to you feeling a little cool - it probably means they’ve just been placed in the fridge rather than the pigeon holes! We wish Tegan well with her pregnancy and hope the morning sickness she has battled on with and disguised exceptionally well, is now behind her.

• To ensure all of our members are able to experience clean and hygienic facilities at every visit, please remember to bring and use your towel and to wipe down your machines after use.

•Last but not least we take pleasure in welcoming Lara Murphy into a senior admin / management role at the Club. Lara is there to help you with membership or any other queries you may have so please feel free to chat with Lara either at the Club or via email on